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The Middle Path Of Matriarchy

There seem to be two theories on Matriarchy, which I will call the Femdom theory, and the Feminist theory.

The Femdom theory, (which comes from men’s sexual fantasies), is that if women were to take over and rule the world, then they would behave like Nazis. Men will be enslaved and forced serve women under the threat of extreme violence. Although it is true most of these ideas come from men’s sexual fantasies about Dominant Women, many men do actually believe this would happen in reality, if Women were to rule the world.

The Feminist/Matriarchal theory, (Which comes from academic Women), is completely different. Yes, they believe that women could rule the world but at the same time they promote the ideal of sexual equality. So if women were to take over, they wouldn’t enslave men, in the same way men have enslaved women for the last five thousand years. They would instead give men equality.

To me, there are big problems with both theories. The problem with the Femdom theory, is that the men who created these Matriarchal fantasies haven’t bothered to ask Women what they think about them. The feedback I get from Women, is that most of them have no interest in behaving like FemNazis, as the majority of Women do not want to use force and violence to intimate and enslave men.

The Feminist/Matriarchal theory also has problems as well. Men have enslaved Women and other men, for the last five thousand years. So if they attempt to create a society where men and women are equal. What is to stop men from competing against Women for power and once again enslave women?

So if both the Femdom and Feminist theories of Matriarchy have problems how would women rule society if they got into power? The answer is somewhere between these two theories.

Women on the whole do you want to enslave men through intimidation and violence. Yet at the same time Women have to realise that men cannot be trusted with equality. In five thousand years of patriarchal rule throughout recorded history, men have totally failed to create an equal society. Even when men have set out with a deliberate intent to do this, like in the American and French revolutions and with communism and socialism, men have totally failed at equality. To attempt to create a Feminist/Matriarchal society and expect men and Women to rule society as equals is playing a dangerous game. Men are by nature far more competitive than Women, and so Women will be forced to either learn to be as competitive as men, to hold what power they have. Or lose out to very competitive men, which will allow men to take over once again.

So although the Femdom theory of Matriarchy is completely wrong in imagining women will use violence to enslave men. These men are correct in understanding that sexual equality is not an option, in a Matriarchal society. As Feminists themselves point out, every patriarchal society is based on a hieratical system, where there is a pecking order to establish who can boss whom around. For this reason men cannot imagine a society that doesn’t have a hieratical structure, because men would feel very insecure, if they didn’t know their place in the pecking order.

Another problem men have in imagining a Matriarchal society is that they cannot see how Women could possibility rule men, if they didn’t use force and violence. After all, draconian and oppressive laws enforced by violence are part of the patriarchal system. The problem we all have, is that the only type of society we know, is a patriarchal society. So when people start to imagine what a Matriarchal society will be like, all they can do is imagine a patriarchal society with women in charge. What we have to realise is that men and Women are very different, so a Matriarchal society would reflect these differences.

I also think that many men have an instinctive sense of justice. Men have been brutally oppressing Women for thousands of years, and so many are feeling guilty over this. They do feel that they owe a 'karma debt' to Women, and it is now 'pay back time'. So if men have turned Women into brutalized slaves in the past, then they believe it is right that Women should do the same to men. The problem is, is that Women may not want to do this. Force and violence doesn't come natural for Women, so they are unlikely to create a Matriarchal society based on male Femdom fantasies.

Violence is the foundation of patriarchy. The boundaries of countries were decided by wars in the past. Patriarchal laws are also enforced by violence. If you break a law you are forcefully put into prison, and even today you can still be executed in some countries. This then is the problem; many Femdom men cannot image how Women can dominate men without the use of force and violence. After all violence is how men have dominated Women for thousands of years and it is how men dominate Women today in Islamic countries. So would that then make a Matriarchal society impossible? Or can Women dominate men with resorting to force and violence?

If Women were to take over tomorrow, they would at first adopt all the patriarchal methods of ruling our world, because a patriarchal world is all that they know. But over time, after a few generations, they will change everything and do things in a more feminine manner. This is why I believe that a world ruled by Women would be extremely different to any patriarchal society we know about, in the whole of history.

So how will Women dominate men in a Matriarchal society? We can answer this if we look at childcare. Up until the 19th century it was normal for children to be trained by violence. As the old saying use to go, "spare the rod and spoil the child". Today with the rise of Women's power, 19th century childrearing would today be seen as child abuse. What has been shown today, is that parents can still control children without the use of violence. (Though many parents have to learn the skills of childrearing like we see on TV in programs like "Supernanny".) But we can also learn from dog training, that how women will control men in the future will more likely be how people learn to train dogs.

People forget that dogs are savage carnivorous beasts, and if not properly trained can be a danger to people. Every year there are reports of children and even adults that are killed by savage dogs. Men are the same and even worse, in Britain an average of two women die every week that are killed by their male partners. So if not properly trained by women, men is an even greater danger to the world. In the past, the accepted method of training a dog was to beat it so it becomes frighten of you. And then once that happens, you are able to easy train it. (Like the way children were trained in the past).

Today, with the increasing influence of Women such methods are unacceptable. So dogs are not trained by violence anymore. But even without the use of violence, dogs can be easy trained provided that the dog trainers establishes themselves as the alpha pack leader, in the mind of the dog.

I believe dog and men are very similar, and if Women are willing to establish themselves as the alpha pack leaders in the minds of men, then men will willing obey Women. Men are naturally obedient to any alpha leader, we can see this is the army. Modern armies can train men to be totally obedient, to the degree of charging an enemy machine gun, if ordered to do so.

So Women do not have to use force and violence to dominate men. All they have to do is make themselves in the mind of men, the alpha leaders, and men will then willing obey them. Once Women get over the ideals of feminism and sexual equality and realize that they need to dominate men, if we are to live in a peaceful and loving world. Then women can then start to take over the world with men's help.

We can learn a lot about men from the way they have organized patriarchal societies. All patriarchal countries have a leader, (The exception to this is Switzerland who seem to have found a way of operating without a leader), and a hierarchal structure, which is also called the class system. What is interesting about different types of social stratification is that they seem to be designed to prevent competition within the patriarchal society. For instance, at one time all societies had an elite aristocratic class, which you could only be born into. This meant that only people born as aristocrats could have wealth and power. It is true some people from lower classes were able to obtain wealth and power, but this was the exception and never the rule. So it meant that a person, who was born an aristocrat, was higher on the pecking order than anyone else that was not born an aristocrat, and men accepted this. Although in the past there were peasant’s revolutions they were few and far between and never successful until the French Revolution.

Since the time of the French Revolution the power of the aristocratic class throughout the world has broken down, but his hasn’t made a lot of difference. All patriarchal societies still operate a class system of some kind, that is mostly based on money. Children of rich and powerful families generally go on to become rich and powerful themselves. While only a small minority of the children of poorer families are able to break through the class barrier to become rich and powerful. This was even true of communist countries, where a class system still operated in these countries, in spite of the attempts of communist governments to eliminate it.

The reason why all patriarchal countries have a hierarchal class structure is because of the inherent nature of men. Men are naturally competitive, but if men were continuously fighting each other for wealth and power, then the whole of society would become so chaotic, that we would have a world of anarchy. To keep law and order and prevent chaos, patriarchal governments do their best to eliminate competition between men for wealth and power. This is why in the past most patriarchal societies had very rigid class or caste systems. So men of one class couldn’t compete against other men of another class.

So for a Matriarchal system to work, requires it to function as a two class system, with Women in the upper class and men in the lower class. This will not be a problem for men, because this will be similar to all the hierarchal schemes that men have themselves created. In all patriarchal societies the vast majority of men have to obey the orders of those who rule the society. So for the vast majority of men the only difference will be that Women will be in charge and not a handful of alpha men.

Women in power do not have to use force and violence to keep the system going. All they have to do is to teach men from a very early age that it is right and proper that men should obey Women at all times. In the same way that it was once normal that men once obeyed people of the aristocratic class. If any man objects to this, (and there always will be maverick men who will do this,) all women have to do, is point to the chaos of patriarchal history. Pointing out what a terrible job men do in ruling the world.

There can be no doubt that Women will do a far better job in ruling our world than men. Men are instinctively competitive, which is all right when men play sport, but when men become rulers of countries then their competitive instincts can push them into warfare. As we have seen in the countless of wars throughout patriarchal history. Also the competitive instinct creates in patriarchal societies a winner and loser mentality. Where the rich and powerful become the winners and the common people become the despised losers. In extreme patriarchal countries where Women have no rights or influence, we see a vast difference between rich and poor. Where a small minority of men keep all the wealth and power of their country in their hands and condemn their people to live in poverty.

Women would rule very differently. Women have a powerful maternal or nurturing instinct, so their focus of attention will be on the welfare of children. This means a Matriarchal government would ensure that no child in their country would live in poverty or ignorance. They would have no interest in settling their difference of opinion with other countries through warfare. They would rather talk about differences than go to war about them. (Though it has to be admitted, that if a patriarchal country invaded a Matriarchal country then they would have no choice but to go to war.)

Another problem for Femdom men is that if Women are not prepared to use violence how can they get into power. After all, the accepted method of gaining power in patriarchal countries the past, was either through war and conquest or a violence revolution. It is hard to imagine that a great Amazon army will conquer the world, but women do not have to use such masculine methods to gain power. In recent times there has been another way people have gained power and that has been through democracy. Women can get to rule countries by being voted into power, either by creating a Matriarchal political party or by taking over existing political parties.

A Matriarchal political party will have a big advantage because they can point out just what a terrible job men do in ruling our world. They probably will have to reassure the public that they are not going to be pacifists and disband the military. And will have to rule in much the same way men do at the beginning. But over time they can slowly change things so we will have a genuine Matriarchal society.

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  1. Don't want to be prejudiced or close-minded, but it does seem that most men are incapable of viewing women in any way, shape, or form unless it's in a strictly black and white way -- something akin to the whole "virgin vs whore" way of viewing women. Are men unable to see women as human beings with full-rounded personalities and souls? I wonder. Or maybe it's the way men are raised, to view women as merely accessories and objects. At this point I'm confounded.

  2. No one wants to be someone else's object of selfish gratification. No one want's to have to draw the line and forcibly have to proclaim, "go no further". No one asks for something, as much as demands it, if it were not a pornographically sexual fantasy of an already afflicted sex addicted mind. There are no men, just spoiled brats identifying with an abusive father figure. Disarm fatherhood for what it is: a cage, a whip, a stick and a bell. Pavlovian circus of hurt and betrayal of the trust of our sacred mother. Bipolar sexuality is what ruins it for the rest of us. A person who "falls into the rut of virgin or of whore" is a histrionic individual with latent exhibitionist tendencies, prone to obsessive compulsive behavior and also prone to the narcissistic quest for male validation. Sexuality can be an eightfold path of expression, with pan-gender-ism as a hallmark of egalitarian diversification. Why flog the dead supposed truisms that aren't true at all.

  3. A genuine matriarchal society includes children and the elderly. In all these speculations I see no inclusion of either in terms that satisfy their safety and their needs. A true matriarchy is possibly only a sibling gynarchy, where we still have to discover our true nature as sentient beings capable of sharing responsibilities and not the indoctrinations of rabid roleplay.

  4. Ever hear of the conjugal defense of woman as primacy against the male controlled protection racket? Female organisms have never needed males to protect their best interests. When males decide to vouch for the inviolateness of virgin women, they are only attempting to hijack female self esteem and enslave her reproductive act.

  5. poor protestants...u seem unable to understand how you have been tricked into a female ruled impotent society that is on the verge of extinction.these fantasies of feminism and femdom will never work in reality,yet for last 150 years in western countries(that is protestant countries like US,UK scandinavia,germany etc) academics and intelligentsia had been saying protestantism is corrupt beacause it promote male abuse of women.god did'nt create women to be feminists or men to be femdom perverts.these feminist femdom trainig was indroduced into protestant society by catholic jesuits under the guise of freemasons.They initiated suffragist movement through which they indoctrinated protestant men and women in feminism ,matriarchy and feminism with the sole aim of destroying protestantism.The effect of this we clearly see in mainline protestantism today which has become impotent in many ways.But because there were true christians who were spiritually descerning to understand these fantasies were promoted to destroy the protestant society,protestantism survived and yes Jesus is still bulding his church and gates of hell like catholicism and lies it secretly promote will not prevail over it and the final protestant church will encompass all mankind-that is the gods church and this will happen before the rapture-coming of christ.In rapture belivers will be taken and hypocrites(those members of gods church who never really believed in the truth) will be left behind to face the great tribulation

  6. " So if they attempt to create a society where men and women are equal. What is to stop men from competing against Women for power and once again enslave women?"

    I think you should examine the society of some of my ancestors that still exists today.
    The Iroquois League was and is a Matriarchal Society. Even were men held power, they did so because women let them. Clan Mothers put men in positions of power and could remove them if unfit.

    Also, as someone who has served in combat in both the USMC and US Army, I think you might want to reexamine the why "of charging an enemy machine gun, if ordered to do so." The first rule of combat is living. Other wise you are useless. Often it happened in spite of training and to save his brothers (and now sisters) by possibly sacrificing themselves.

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  8. In prehistoric times existed matriarchy, but very evil matriarchy:

    Matriarchy was evil...

  9. In prehistoric times existed matriarchy, but very evil matriarchy:

    Matriarchy was evil...