Friday, 29 June 2012

Is it natural for men to be women’s slaves?

We have in our patriarchal world a strange phenomenon called femdom where men strongly desire to be women’s abused slaves.  What makes this so weird, is that we live in a male dominated world.  So why would men have desires like this, if they are suppose to be the dominant sex?  Does this mean there is something wrong with these men, or is the belief that men are naturally dominant, not true?

We have to question the idea that men are dominant when we find that throughout history, slavery has been commonplace.  Ancient civilizations like the Greeks and Romans were slave economies and even in societies that didn't have slaves, still had serfs and peasants, which were treated nearly as badly as slaves.  As the French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau was to observe, "Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains."

What we find in the whole of recorded history is that a just handful of male rulers found it easy to exploit the vast majority of people.  This is as true today as it ever was, as the majority of the world’s wealth and power is in the hands of only 1% of the world’s population.  So how is this possible?  And why do the common people allow this?

The reason for this, is that men are totally obedient to anyone in authority over them.  An extreme example of this total compliance was seen in World War One.  In this war, millions of British, French, Russian and German troops all obeyed orders to come out of their trenches to face near certain death by machine gun fire.  The mystery is, why so few men didn't obey these insane orders.

In World War Two, the Japanese took this blind obedience a step further by ordering their airmen to crash their aircraft into enemy ships in kamikaze attacks.  Muslim extremists in more recent times have their own version of suicide bombers by attaching explosives to their body and blowing themselves up in crowded areas.

So why are men so obedient that they will kill themselves when ordered to do so?  Or easy allow themselves to be exploited by a small ruling elite?  The only answer is that men seem to have a slave mentality.  When we see how easy it is to enslave men and make them totally obedient.  We have to question whether men are truly the dominant sex. 

So if men are not dominant, what about women?  In every patriarchal society women are oppressed even more than men.  This is because; the ruling elite have invented laws and customs to keep women in a state of servitude.  For thousands of years, men have been told that they cannot be ‘real’ men unless they are able to dominate women.  To do this, they have been encouraged to use their greater size and strength to impose their will onto women.

An extreme example of this is the ‘honour’ system in Muslim countries where a man is dishonoured if his wife disobeys him.  He then expected to either beat up or kill his wife to regain his ‘honour’.  It seems that the ruling elite has had to work harder at oppressing women, than they do at oppressing men.

The problem for women is that when they become very good subservient patriarchal wives, men don’t appreciate this and treat them with contempt.  In much the same way the ruling elite has total contempt for the very obedient men who keep them in power.  So why have the ruling elite in every country of the world have been so anti-women?  The reason might be that women are their main competitor, in being able to enslave men.  

The power of any ruling elite depends of the total obedience of the men they rule.  For instance, the power of an emperor, king or dictator depends on the total obedience of army of young men who will kill, maim or torture anyone who opposes or questions his rule.  It is true in democratic governments, things are more complicated.  But as we see today, billionaires can subvert any democracy, because it is so easy for them to bribe corrupt politicians.  But if a ruling elite doesn’t enslave and exploit men who else can do this?  The answer might be, women.

What if all of patriarchal indoctrination are lies and women are the natural dominant sex?  Could it be that all men would have a powerful desire to worship all women and desire to be enslaved and dominated by them.  This would mean that the femdom fantasies may not be the kinky desires of a small group of men, but what most men want and yearn for. 

So if it is natural of men to want to worship women why are we living in a male dominated world?  The answer seems to be that thousands of years ago a small group of men used men’s natural obedience to authority, to their own advantage.

The archaeologists Marija Gimbutas put forward a theory that back in the Neolithic age we lived in peaceful matriarchal societies.  Then about five thousand years ago, warlike patriarchal tribe swept down from the North and conquered them.  They could easy do this because a handful of extremely violent men can always defeat a far larger army of peaceful men who are averse to killing other people.

So what Marija Gimbutas theory suggests is that women had no trouble in dominating men, until a small group of men then used violence against matriarchal people.  But once patriarchal rule was established then patriarchy has retained its power not only though violence but also through propaganda and indoctrination.

Patriarchy couldn't have lasted unless men have a natural desire to blindly obey those in authority.  So instead of men obeying women, as in the last matriarchal age, men now obeyed a small ruling elite of rich and powerful men.  So how can ordinary men and women break the power of the patriarchal rulers?  It can be done by challenging patriarchal lies and propaganda.

Feminism has been fairly successful in doing this by questioning the idea that men are the natural dominant sex through proclaiming, women and men are equal.  As the result, we now see more women with wealth and positions of power.  The problem with feminism is that it sets a limitation of what is achievable by women.  As feminist push forward to gain more power, they find themselves being accused of sexism as well, if they gain too much power for women.

The cornerstone of patriarchal propaganda was that a male god ordained that men shall rule over women.  So if people believe this, then it suggests that very bossy women or men with femdom desires are either sinful or sexual perverts.  Something feminist would also agree with, because they believe in sexual equality.  For this reason, men who believe patriarchal indoctrination try to suppress their femdom desires.  At the same time bossy women try to conceal their dominant nature as they face strong criticism in patriarchal societies, or even from feminists.

If it becomes acceptable for men to have femdom desires and for women to dominate men, then far more men can express their femdom desires and not fight against them.  This would make it far easier for women to gain the upper hand in their relationships with men.

Women are competing with a handful of alpha men, for the totally obedience of the majority of men.  The more women can get men to their question patriarchal brainwashing, the more likely men will follow their natural instincts to obey women.

Though if the patriarchal ruling elite realize they are losing this propaganda war, will they resort to violence?  Fortunately women no longer need to be as helpless against male violence as they once were.  The Amazons probably lost out to patriarchal armies as they were at a physical disadvantage fighting men with swords and axes.  This is not such a problem today, as you don’t need to be extremely strong to pull the trigger of a gun.

As seen with Kurdish female soldiers, women today can match men on the battlefield with modern weapons.  Also, male soldiers can also fight wars and yet still be subservient to women at the same time.  

It is only patriarchal brainwashing that prevents men from following their natural feelings to want to serve and worship women.  The trouble is that this patriarchal propaganda comes to us all from schools, books, newspapers, films and TV shows.  As the result, most people never get to hear the other side of the story and may not even know what matriarchy is.

Fortunately today we have the internet where men can not only express their femdom desires but people can talk about matriarchy and why women should rule the world.  Through this we can reach more and more people and make matriarchy a world-wide movement. 

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  1. Very interesting Never thought about warrior men are really subservient to the rulers. And can be easily manipulated to be subservient to dominate females.